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Bonnie Woodie Designed Satin Scarf/Cotton Bandana

Bonnie Woodie Designed Satin Scarf/Cotton Bandana

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Designed by Bonnie Woodie (DINÉ STEAMBOAT CANYON, NAVAJO NATION) in memory of Dolly Woodie. 


Steamboat, Arizona – Memorial reflection of Dolly Bertha Woodie.  Born on September 16, 1936 to Evelyn Cleveland (Tótsohnii-Big Water) and Camillus Cleveland (Kinyaa’áanii-Towering House) and raised within the four sacred mountains (Diné (Navajo) Nation), specifically, the Bear Springs (Shush Bi Toh) area of the community of Steamboat (Toyei), Arizona.  

As most all Navajo children at the time, she obtained necessary skills and knowledge that would serve her and propel her family into recognition. 


A survivor of residential school – At the age of 10 years, Dolly entered into the dominant society’s educational system respective to Indian Country – Residential Boarding School:  First, Keams Canyon Day School and onto St. Michaels Indian School to complete her 8th grade curriculum after which it was onto Fort Sill and Lawton Indian Schools.  During the summer months, Dolly came to work at the Grand Canyon Resort.


Development and establishing a Family – Dolly, while working at the Grand Canyon Resort and in close proximity to Flagstaff, Arizona was afforded an opportunity to get away for a weekend – where a trip to the Flagstaff 4th of July Celebration she met Thomas J. Woodie.  Dolly and Thomas married in 1958 after a two-year courtship.  Following; her employment opportunity significantly improved and became more secure as she obtained employment with the Bureau of Indian Affairs Schools (BIA) for 30 years.  An unfortunate vehicle accident caused an early retirement. 


Cohesion of Family and Life – As life’s bombardment of pressure typically imposed on family life, Dolly and Thomas came to rely on the Native American Church, North America and its belief therein.  It gave them the cohesion and foundation on which to establish and maintain Faith, Hope, Love, and Charity, to name a few.  That said, they established and maintained with commitment a family moto of “the family that prays together stays together” , both in their marriage and family.  As the family grew in the developments in the western dominant society, Thomas and Dolly adopted raising their 7 children to meet life’s potential encounters along with maintaining the Holy Sacrament of “Peyote”. In 2018, Thomas n Dolly with their Children incorporated, Steamboat Dine' HalfMoon Fireplace. An Official Chapter of the NACNA. Upon attaining SDHMF, The Woodie Family volunteered to Host The 70th Annual NACNA Convention which was held in Flagstaff, AZ in June of the following year. Through many challenges, it is by Faith, Hope, Love and Charity that Success was inevitable. One of Dolly's life's dream come to fruition.  Thomas n Dolly together are renowned for their Teepee Creations. WOODIE Canvas Homes was established in 1974. Dolly, together with Thomas, their 7 Children and Grandchildren "Created a Life She Loved". 


Fulfillment of Life’s Knowledge and Skills – Retirement gave Dolly an opportunity to pick up her late mother's weaving tools and applied her knowledge and skills in weaving as she learned from her mother.  In doing so, it caused a delightful resurrection of feeling felt in her youthfulness.  As her skills improved, Dolly’s skillful weaving art was noticed resulting in an invitation to showcase her artwork of weaving by and at the Colter Bay Indian Arts Museum just north of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. At the feet of The Great Grand Tetons(1990 - 2005).  Becoming a recognized artisan,  Dolly’s weaving was favorably received resulting in continued invitation in demonstrating and or display for ten years or more following.  This provided a happy family delightful vacation for her family.  Dolly’s weaving showcase evolved into recognition as a household name to many visitors throughout the coming years, resulting in additional showcase opportunities being developed, such as, the Ute Indian Museum, Montrose, Colorado.


Humbleness – In all of life’s culminations, Dolly’s main fabric thread of life is Faith, Hope, Love, Humble, Quiet, Selfless, Caring with Charity, but not limited to those spectrums – a true reflection of her heritage.  We shall remember and embrace Dolly in that light.  We should all esteem to that level, as she would encourage us to.

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