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Lenape Reserve

Eliah Claw Cotton Fabric by Teton Trade Cloth

Eliah Claw Cotton Fabric by Teton Trade Cloth

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"My name is Eliah Claw and I am a Dine man. I am originally from Lukachukai, AZ. I use acrylic paint for most of my projects and get my inspiration from my Navajo culture. My intentions for this work and other projects of mine are to give a sense of pride in who we are as indigenous people. My people have teachings about our homelands and the importance of staying close to home, but due to a constantly changing world, those circumstances tend to change as well. My hope for this is to provide that sense of being home on the reservations and feeling at ease within our sacred mountains. To have a piece of home wherever one may travel and to always feel that sense of peace. As many have said, there is no place like home.

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