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Kayla Looking Horse Designed Scarf/Bandana

Kayla Looking Horse Designed Scarf/Bandana

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About Kayla Lookinghorse


What separates Kayla Lookinghorse from other designers is her Hunkpapa "End Village" /Itazipcho "Sans Arc, Without Bows" Lakota heritage and the way it is artfully woven into her designs. K. Lookinghorse is a contemporary brand that honors the designer’s heritage with an aesthetic specific to her tiospaye' (family). Her signature symbols, three lines Horizontal pays homage to the past, present, and future. As a mother, designer, artist, and tribal citizen, Kayla Lookinghorse has forged her own path by creating and recreating traditional garments with a contemporary edge. Intriguing, wearable art and statement jewelry pieces are the cornerstones of the K.lookinghorse’s brand.


I am happy to collaborate with the Teton Trade cloth, an indigenous-owned company.

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