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Floral, Sophia Lynn Thurman Designed Scarf/Bandana

Floral, Sophia Lynn Thurman Designed Scarf/Bandana

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Satin Scarf- 

  • 35.5 inch
  • Satin Polyester
  • Silky Smooth
  • Imported

Sophia Lynn Thurman comes from the Diné Nation originally from Cow Springs, Arizona.
The Zuni Edgewater, Black Streak of Forest, Red Running Into the Water, and Salt clans are
how Sophia identifies kinship relations as a Navajo woman. Sophia along with her husband
Marty and three children Tyler, Tylyn, and Tye reside in Shawnee, Oklahoma.
Growing up in Arizona and coming from a family of textile artists, jewelers, silversmiths,
and fan makers has always been the foundation of ingenuity in all that Sophia creates. Living
amongst her husband’s tribes in Oklahoma for over 22 years has been humbling and beautiful.
Being able to learn and teach her children more about who they are and where they come from is deeply rooted in all art she creates. The floral motifs and ribbon work designs pay homage to the original homelands of her children. Sophia is very grateful for the opportunity to work with team Teton and hopes to inspire others’ creativity. A’he’hee (thank you)!

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